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Designed to elevate tattoo imagery around the planet on the worldwide web, WearingInk.com is a digital temple of international tattoo enthusiasm, art sensationalism and timeless imagery. Best of all, we have more than 250,000 Facebook Fans! Social Media Editor Boomer Nichols interacts with people and posts provocative and beautiful photos throughout the day. Boomer, cancer’s worst enemy, is Founder of Comedians for A Cure, raising money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, PCH. PCH is where Boomer’s daughter was cured of leukemia!

Wearing Ink.com was once was a totally green digital tattoo magazine. It was designed to appeal to everyone searching for tattoos or tattoo designs. Our pages made it fun and easy to find tattoo ideas that were imaginative and meaningful.

The features of this unique tattoo magazine were filled with words and images of people. They also showed tattoo places and tattoo designs to visually and verbally detail the amazing lives of those wearing tattoos.

At Wearing Ink, we take your life and your art seriously, offering you the best digital tattoo experience available. Not a moment is wasted checking out people Wearing Ink.

Wearing Ink is on the edge, informative, facilitative and inspiring. Our digital communications cater to savvy readers with provocative editorial and influential social exposure.

Tattoos of Tattoos. Ink of Ink. There’s no other tattoo website like it! Like and join us on Facebook every day.